List of products by manufacturer MYA Saray

Mya Saray is the number one hookah brand in France. MYA hookahs are famous for their quality and their affordable price.
The MYA SARAY brand is the most famous hookah brand in the world. Flagship models of the MYA brand such as the QT, the Mini MYA, the QT Vento, Piccolo or even Mya Lounge are among the references that made hookah affordable. MYA hookahs are used in many hookah lounges around the globe and proove everyday their resistance, their reliablitity and ability to provide remarkable hookah flavors. The metal which makes those hookah, and their ideal size bring these hookahs undeniable performances, whether they're sold with transport cases, cages, or without any accessories. Darnashop has been an official MYA reseller for more than 10 years. Individuals and professionals have been satisfied of this reliable brand.