Tuyau Sword El-Badia

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High flow hose made of aluminum and silicone

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Lovers of high-speed shisha hose, lovers of clouds of smoke, here comes your weapon! The El-Badia sword is a massive and powerful bulk-flow hose that will boost your aspiring power.

With its beautiful heavy aluminum wand, the Sword pipe exudes a strong impression by the heaviness of its materials and the masculine lines of its handle. The handle of the El-Badia Sword hose has a large round nose and a nice handle that makes the grip very intuitive.

One of the special features of the El-Badia Sword hose is the sleeve that encloses the silicone hose. This braided sheath protects the hose from dirt and prevents your hose from picking up dust.

El Badia Sword hose can be used with XL male hygienic tips

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