Tuyau ODUMAN Initial L

Pipe with aluminum handle and silicone hose

12,50 €

8,26 €

20,76 €

Pack description

ODUMAN Initial L hose is the most powerful shisha hose of the brand. With its high-flow handle and washable silicone hose, this quality hose will allow you to get big clouds of smoke without tiring you!

The handling of this hose is easy thanks to the handle on the handle and the flexible hose will ensure great comfort of use.

The hose ODUMAN Initial L is compatible with all hookahs and you can easily adapt it to your hookah even if you bought it elsewhere than at Mistergout!

You can use male plastic hygienic tips to share this hose with others!

Total length of the pipe: 190cm

Pack content

The ODUMAN Initial L handle is a handle for aluminum shisha pipe. This is the largest hose handle of the Turkish shisha brand ODUMAN. Robust and lightweight, this high-volume hose handle combines the beauty of its matte finish with top-notch performance!

The Initial L handle consists of two parts. The handle itself and the mouthpiece with a large round mouth which is screwed on the handle. The lower part of the handle has a grip allowing easy grip and comfortable ... ideal for sessions that last!

The ODUMAN Initial L hook pipe is compatible with all silicone hoses sold at Mistergout

Silicone hose is the essential basic element of a good hookah hose! Silicone hoses sold at Mistergout are premium quality silicone food sheaths.

With the silicone pipes of Mistergout, you will enjoy a preserved taste (no parasitic taste) and a powerful smoke flow.

Another notable advantage of the silicone hooks is that they can be washed as many times as needed! Simply pass under the water (for example under the pressure of the shower) to remove impurities and odors from past sessions.

Silicone hoses are 1m50 long and have a standard diameter which makes them compatible with all sleeves sold at Mistergout.

Having several silicone hoses (by identifying them for example according to their color) allows to devote a hose to a family of taste and thus enjoy a more pronounced taste ... Do not hesitate to equip you with several hoses for it!