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TOM Cococha 3 Blocks natural coal is the most powerful natural coal for Kaloud Lotus on the market. With its unconventional dimensions, TOM Cococha 3 Blocks coal is 25% larger than most competing coals. The result is unmatched heating power that will delight thrill seekers!

TOM Cococha 3 Blocks has been specifically designed to completely fill the volume of Kaloud Lotus type heating systems. Whether you have the latest Kaloud Lotus One Plus, the old version or a generic like the AMY Hot Cut, the TOM Cococha 3 Blocks coal is for you if you want a powerful heater and get plenty of smoke is essential for you.

The ignition of this type of natural coal requires the use of a coal lighter. Mistergout recommends an ignition time of 7 minutes on the wrong side and 7 minutes on the spot for optimal use of the TOM cococha 3 Blocks.