Pack Kaloud One + Saphire N5

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The Saphire Number 5 is one of the most famous Kaloud Lotus fireplaces in the world. This high capacity fireplace is ideal for enjoying long sessions (1h30 and up!) In combination with a Kaloud heating system.

Taking its name from the 5 holes of its central axis, Saphire number 5 is to shisha what the Chanel number 5 is in perfumery: A real icon!

Made in Germany, the Saphire Number 5 vortex bowl is made of high quality ceramic and comes in a multitude of original and trendy colors.

This large fireplace with raised holes allows you to smoke all types of consumables: tobacco, cream, gel, stones. Whatever your product, the flavors will be perfectly restored by Saphire Number 5 in combination with your heating system.

This high capacity fireplace obviously consumes a relatively large amount of taste ... this is inevitable if you want to enjoy long sessions with an irreproachable flavor!

The Kaloud Lotus One plus is the latest version of the famous heating system for shisha brand Kaloud. Made entirely of aluminum, the Kaloud Lotus One Plus is the most efficient and effective of all heating systems for shisha.

Kaloud Lotus One plus is a system that transfers heat from your coals to your shisha, controlling the heating power. It works on the principle of indirect heating of your tobacco. It is no longer coal that heats your tobacco, but it is the metal plate of your Kaloud Lotus that diffuses heat and regulates the temperature of combustion of your shisha.

The benefits of Kaloud Lotus are numerous: More smoke, a better taste, a longer session time with equivalent amount of tobacco, a higher intensity of flavors and greater simplicity of use ... It's very simple When we tried the Kaloud Lotus One Plus, it's hard to live without it!

TOM Cococha 3 Blocks natural coal is the most powerful natural coal for Kaloud Lotus on the market. With its unconventional dimensions, TOM Cococha 3 Blocks coal is 25% larger than most competing coals. The result is unmatched heating power that will delight thrill seekers!

TOM Cococha 3 Blocks has been specifically designed to completely fill the volume of Kaloud Lotus type heating systems. Whether you have the latest Kaloud Lotus One Plus, the old version or a generic like the AMY Hot Cut, the TOM Cococha 3 Blocks coal is for you if you want a powerful heater and get plenty of smoke is essential for you.

The ignition of this type of natural coal requires the use of a coal lighter. Mistergout recommends an ignition time of 7 minutes on the wrong side and 7 minutes on the spot for optimal use of the TOM cococha 3 Blocks.