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The El Badia C1 chicha is one of the cheapest click hookahs on the market. This recent compact has established itself as one of the best-selling shisha from the brand El-Badia

With its solid glass vase and transparent (which allows you to see precisely the water level to adjust it), chicha El Badia C1 is a real smoking machine. The compact proportions of its storage room make this cheap chicha you will get a big smoke whether you are a beginner or a confirmed user.

Available in many colors, the chicha Celeste C1 imposes a sleek and modern style that will appeal to all ... The ideal chicha to offer a gift ... or just to make you happy!

- El-Badia brand shisha - Brass column

- Height: 29cm, weight: 2.0 kg

- Standard washable hose provided

- Glass vase - click column

- Carbon clamp, mud seal, firebox gasket, pipe gasket, supplied.

- Large ceramic fireplace included

The HC Black Edition is a phunnel firebox for shisha. This half-terracotta and half-ceramic hybrid head is an ideal home for smoking a shisha using True Cloudz cream, Ice Frutz, as well as all very juicy premium tobaccos. Thanks to its phunnel shape, HC Black Edition avoids the cream, the molasses of your tobacco or the juice of your pebbles running inside the shisha.

The focus for HC Black Edition chicha has a diameter of 7.5cm, which makes it perfectly adapted to the use of Kaloud Lotus and similar systems (Amy hot cut, Oduman Ignis, generic systems etc ...). Its shallow depth allows the preparation of overpacking (excess of tobacco for a rich rendering of aromas) or classic preparation for sessions lasting about an hour.

This female shisha hearth will be compatible with the vast majority of shishas on the market. The exterior of the HC Black Edition fireplace is in worked terracotta, and the interior of the bowl is ceramic (to avoid the porosity of the terracotta). The HC Black Edition is a flagship product of the Hispacachimba brand

A classy, ​​versatile and very practical home to taste the tastes sold at Mistergout!

The heating system is an essential accessory to the use of natural charcoal. This small aluminum box is designed to store the heat of natural coals and transfer it to your tobacco by regulating it. This type of system was invented by the American brand Kaloud Lotus and it is on the model of the famous Kaloud was realized this cheap heating system. This accessory makes it possible to obtain a white and thick smoke, with a maximum of flavor, while avoiding to burn the tobacco of your shisha.

The heating system can only be used with natural charcoal (it does not work with self-igniting charcoal which will not be sufficiently powerful). This heating system must be used in combination with a fireplace of compatible size. In general, this system having the same dimensions as a Kaloud Lotus, it will be compatible with all households Kaloud Lotus compatible.

The heating system, although it is a cheap accessory, is nonetheless a quality accessory, made of aluminum allowing it to last in time. Do not place the system on your charcoal lighter or on the gas to preheat it, you could melt it. It is necessary to let the heating system slowly increase in temperature under the action of your natural coals.

Silicone hose is the essential basic element of a good hookah hose! Silicone hoses sold at Mistergout are premium quality silicone food sheaths.

With the silicone pipes of Mistergout, you will enjoy a preserved taste (no parasitic taste) and a powerful smoke flow.

Another notable advantage of the silicone hooks is that they can be washed as many times as needed! Simply pass under the water (for example under the pressure of the shower) to remove impurities and odors from past sessions.

Silicone hoses are 1m50 long and have a standard diameter which makes them compatible with all sleeves sold at Mistergout.

Having several silicone hoses (by identifying them for example according to their color) allows to devote a hose to a family of taste and thus enjoy a more pronounced taste ... Do not hesitate to equip you with several hoses for it!

The Elephant electric charcoal lighter is the best selling of all the devices intended to heat the natural coals of shisha. This device is extremely easy to use and consists of a spiral-shaped electrical resistor mounted on a base. This device allows to put natural coal for chicha directly on the resistance to light them.

Elephant charcoal lighter has a single button to activate the on / off. With a power of 1000 Watts, the Elephant carbon lighter plugs into a standard 220V power outlet.

The Elephant charcoal lighter has a thermostat and overheating protection. The Elephant plate is automatically shut off when the operating temperature of the resistor is reached.

The Elephant charcoal plate is indispensable for lighting natural shisha coal. Depending on the size of the coals, it will take you between 10 and 15 minutes to light properly natural coconut coals.

TOM Cococha 3 Blocks natural coal is the most powerful natural coal for Kaloud Lotus on the market. With its unconventional dimensions, TOM Cococha 3 Blocks coal is 25% larger than most competing coals. The result is unmatched heating power that will delight thrill seekers!

TOM Cococha 3 Blocks has been specifically designed to completely fill the volume of Kaloud Lotus type heating systems. Whether you have the latest Kaloud Lotus One Plus, the old version or a generic like the AMY Hot Cut, the TOM Cococha 3 Blocks coal is for you if you want a powerful heater and get plenty of smoke is essential for you.

The ignition of this type of natural coal requires the use of a coal lighter. Mistergout recommends an ignition time of 7 minutes on the wrong side and 7 minutes on the spot for optimal use of the TOM cococha 3 Blocks.