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Tom Cococha Gold natural coal is the benchmark for natural coal for shisha. Made by the famous TOM brand (which has more than 20 years of expertise in the production of compacted coconut charcoal) Gold has emerged as the most used coal in Europe thanks to its characteristics adapted to modern consumption patterns of chicha. Tom Cococha Gold charcoal comes in the form of regular 2.5 cm cubes. This cubic shape makes this charcoal versatile, since it can be used both in a Kaloud Lotus type heating system and on a Brohood chimney. Its high heating power is in any case more suitable for heat transfer devices than for use on aluminum foil.

One of the main advantages of the Tom Cococha Gold coal is the great regularity of the quality of its production. TOM's expertise in the production of natural coals enables the German brand to benefit from the best raw material (the best coconut pods) and to offer the highest quality manufacturing standards.

The coal Tom Cococha Gold is here proposed to you in pack of 1kg.