Pack chicha Koundélitch

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Pack chicha Koundélitch

Pack chicha Koundélitch

Heat management system charcoal. Box of 72 coals

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Acryl Hookah with beautiful design

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Standard heat management system for natural coal use

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120g box of flavored coloring powder for hookah / chicha

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Fresh Coco coals are made from coconut bark. They are different from other natural coals by their circle shape, which has been specifically studied to fit into heat management systems.


Fresh Coco coals are 3 triangles which form a circle. This shape fills completely your heat management system such as Kaloud Lotus, Oduman Ignis, Amy Hot Cut, or even WG2. The three Fresh Coco also work with "chimney" grids such as Volkan or Hotscreen heat management systems. 


Each box contains 72 coals.


As all natural coals, it is essential to have a charcoal heater (electric or gas). You won't be able to light it with a simple lighter!

The idea of Shaashii germinated in the minds of the leaders of the Aladdin brand during a trip to Thailand. They realized that over the years, hookah moved from a cultural practice strongly influenced by the East to a universal practice shared by many people with diverse backgrounds. Desiring to create a product that symbolizes openness to the world, Aladin has developed an flavored powder symbolizing the arts of living and features of different cultures: The Shaashi. The Shaashi is a product that could not be simpler to use. Simply dilute two teaspoons of powder per liter of water directly into the tank of your shisha and stir. The effect is doubled: On the one hand Shaashii colors the water in your hookah, offering a very attractive appearance with modern glass hookahs. On the other hand the Shaashii will convey the flavor of your smoke shisha and marry the flavors of the tobacco. So it is very important not to mix any Shaashi flavors to all tobacco flavors, make harmonious blend! Each Shaashii flavor represents a culture and offers a flavor associated with this culture: - Inuit = Icy flavor - Mongol = Lemon - Berber = Melon & mint - Maori = Melon - Zulu = Apple - German = Strawberry - Maya = Orange Each box contains 120g of flavored Shaashii Finally, the project is a social project without borders, like hookah, a portion of profits from sales of this product will be donated for the development projects in Syria, Somaliland and Peru . Join the global movement of hookah and discover Shaashii! Shaashii can sublimate the flavors of hookah with subtile and amazing blends ... but it can also completely destroy the flavor! Be sure to harmoniously blend flavors and make different tests ... It's not because you do not always succeed your first mix that you desesperate on the power of Shaashii


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