Pack chicha Céleste X1

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Pack chicha Céleste X1

Pack chicha Céleste X1

El-Badia Celeste X1 hookah

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Marrakech silicone hose and aluminum mouthpiece

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Electric resistor to light your natural coals

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Flexy large silicone bowl

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Standard heat management system for natural coal use

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The compact 25cm model is a must have! MYA has the QT2, Kaya has the PN330, and AMY has the Crazy Dots. So it was important for a global brand like El-Badia to have their own flagship product. It's now done with the Celeste X1.


The Celeste X1 is extremely practical, it's easy to use, and has the same materials as the Celeste X3, which is brass for the stem and acrylic for the base. El-Badia has thus managed to come out with a cheap, practical hookah. Great for indoor and outdoor smoking sessions, with friends, on the road, the Celeste X1 is the kind of product that we're not scared to break.


The brass stem of the X1 makes the hookah very stable, even when used with a silicone hose. The base of the X1 has a space for you to place LED lights, and the downstem will welcome any silicone diffusers for peaceful sessions.


With a colorful look and design, the Celeste X1 hookah is the pure DNA of the El-Badia brand, whom's ambition to offer affordable quality hookahs. No doubt this hookah will become part of your parties!

The downstem is fixed on the bowl adapter. Make sure to screw the bowl connector before connecting the downstem to it!

- El-Badia brand hookah

- Brass stem

- Height: 25cm, Weight: 2kg

- Standard washable hose included

- Base with LED lights

- Coal tongs, base grommets, bowl grommets, and hose grommets included

- Large ceramic bowl included

- Matching bowl, hose, and base colors

The well-known Marrakech mouthpiece is famous among hookah smokers. After the "PVC' version on standard marrakech hoses and "Glass" versions, we offer the silicone version.


With a nicely design mouthpiece, the Marrakech silicone hose is extremly soft. It comes in many colors and offers a high airflow, one of the best on the market. The Marrakech silicone hose is of course entirely washable, which makes it a great hose.



The soft silicone does not catch as much dust as standard silicone hoses. If you don't like having dust on your silicone hoses, the Marrakech silicone hose will be perfect for you!

The Spirale Elephant coal heater is an electrical accessory to promptly light natural coals.


With a power of a 1000W, the Spirale coal heater will light any coals in no time.. According to our experience, 4-minute is largely enough to light Coconara cubes!


The Spirale coal heater has an On / Off button and a 5 level thermostat allowing you to adjust the heating power at your convenience and to avoid overheating the resistance.


Consisting of a robust and efficient metal frame 24cm side length, this device is the perfect accessory if you want to discover the joys of hookah with natural coals.



The Spirale coal heater does not have a storage tank but allows a rapid ignition of natural hookah coal. If you plan to cut the coals before using them, remember to have a suitable coal carrier!

The Flexy is a large silicone bowl. They are compatible with Kaloud Lotus heat management systems.


The Flexy bowl doesn't need a grommet to fit on hookahs.


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