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The AMY 470 Small Rips chicha is a model of the click range of the brand AMY Deluxe. The AMY 470 is one of the most iconic shisha in this range, and has greatly contributed to the reputation of the brand.

The AMY Deluxe 470 chicha is a successful compromise between many qualities. This cheap hookah offers an excellent level of finishing of the equipment very complete at this price level (it will indeed be provided to you with a silicone pipe, an aluminum handle, a big clamp and a set fireplace with hearth terracotta). Its elegant and versatile design makes it sufficiently original to charm the eye and discreet enough to please the greatest number.

As for performance, the AMY 470 is a very easy-to-use model, with its vase that allows easy identification and adjustment of the water level, and a very compact smoke storage chamber. Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed smoker, the AMY 470 will seduce you with its value for money very interesting!

- Amy brand shisha

- Brass hookah

- Height: 48cm

- Silicone and aluminum hose

- Classic glass vase, thick and resistant

- Click column

- Charcoal tongs, fireplace gasket, pipe gasket, supplied.

- Terracotta fireplace and grill included

The Elephant electric charcoal lighter is the best selling of all the devices intended to heat the natural coals of shisha. This device is extremely easy to use and consists of a spiral-shaped electrical resistor mounted on a base. This device allows to put natural coal for chicha directly on the resistance to light them.

Elephant charcoal lighter has a single button to activate the on / off. With a power of 1000 Watts, the Elephant carbon lighter plugs into a standard 220V power outlet.

The Elephant charcoal lighter has a thermostat and overheating protection. The Elephant plate is automatically shut off when the operating temperature of the resistor is reached.

The Elephant charcoal plate is indispensable for lighting natural shisha coal. Depending on the size of the coals, it will take you between 10 and 15 minutes to light properly natural coconut coals.

Tom Cococha Gold natural coal is the benchmark for natural coal for shisha. Made by the famous TOM brand (which has more than 20 years of expertise in the production of compacted coconut charcoal) Gold has emerged as the most used coal in Europe thanks to its characteristics adapted to modern consumption patterns of chicha. Tom Cococha Gold charcoal comes in the form of regular 2.5 cm cubes. This cubic shape makes this charcoal versatile, since it can be used both in a Kaloud Lotus type heating system and on a Brohood chimney. Its high heating power is in any case more suitable for heat transfer devices than for use on aluminum foil.

One of the main advantages of the Tom Cococha Gold coal is the great regularity of the quality of its production. TOM's expertise in the production of natural coals enables the German brand to benefit from the best raw material (the best coconut pods) and to offer the highest quality manufacturing standards.

The coal Tom Cococha Gold is here proposed to you in pack of 1kg.

Ice Frutz Gel is one of the best-selling shisha tobacco substitutes in the world. This flavored gel exists in dozens of flavors, reproducing the flavor of a large number of tobacco hookahs. Ice Frutz gel works on the principle of vaporization and is a particularly interesting alternative to tobacco, since it is nicotine free and does not work on the principle of combustion.

Ice Frutz Gel is used in place of hookah tobacco and should be placed in the home of your narghile. You should favor the use of a fireplace with holes in the upper part (such as vortex, phunnel, AT80 etc ...) so that the gel can not escape into the column of your shisha. Under the effect of heat, Ice Frutz gel turns into a white and fragrant vapor that will allow you to make pretty clouds with your shisha!

Ice Frutz gel does not contain nicotine and therefore does not create addiction. The Chicha Ice Frutz tastes are endless: Shisha apple, pear, candy harlequin, mango, chocolate ... The extraordinary variety of flavors of Ice Frutz can renew the pleasures, especially as the gels can of course be mixed between them by your care in order to create surprising cocktails!

For better aroma preservation of your Ice Frutz gel, carefully close the jar after use.

The ideal operating temperature of Ice Frutz is about 150 degrees. The use of an electric charcoal or electric fireplace will allow you to make the most of the aromas of this taste for shisha.